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Feed their minds. Fund their schools. It's time for BC to invest in public education.

Let’s support our kids by feeding their minds — and funding their schools.

Get the Facts (and share them!):

More specialist teachers

It’s time to invest again, and hire the specialist teachers who can ensure every child gets the support their unique strengths and challenges require.

Fact #1 – BC has lost nearly one-quarter of our specialist teachers over the past fifteen years: 22% of our ELL teachers (formerly called ESL), 24% of our special education teachers, and 37% of our teacher-librarians.

Get the Facts (and share them!):

Smaller classes

It’s time to invest again, so we can have smaller class sizes and the right education for every child.

Fact #1 – More students coming: BC Stats projects we’ll see 28,200 more school-age kids in BC classrooms within six years.

Get the Facts (and share them!):

More one-on-one time

It’s time to invest again, so BC kids can get the one-on-one attention they deserve in our classrooms.

Fact #1 – Fewer teachers: Since 2002, BC has lost the equivalent of 3,500 full-time teachers.

Fact #2 – The growing demand: The percentage of classes with four or more students with special needs has nearly doubled over the past decade — to one out of every four BC classrooms.

Fact #3 – Complex classes: In any given class, teachers work with an incredible range of kids, each with unique skills, challenges, and needs. But when the resources aren’t there to support those needs, everyone’s learning suffers. Last year, more than 16,000 BC classrooms had four or more children with special needs — and nearly 4,000 had seven or more.

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